RICS Homebuyer surveys

Why Choose Spotlight surveys?

We are a modern Chartered Surveying practice. Our unique service focuses on undertaking high quality survey reports free of technical jargon. These are more detailed than any other reports found on the market.We offer:

The RICS Condition Report - This is a simplified survey restricting the use of a ladder, loft access, opening of voids and inspecting drains. This is only suitable for properties in good condition and has a fee from £298.

The RICS Building Survey (Structural Survey) - This is a detailed survey covering every element of the building including lofts, drains, under floors and flat roofs. We offer this survey from £625.

Our surveys are unique as they go beyond the requirements stated by the RICS. By choosing Spotlight Surveys you will be offered free initial verbal advice to identify if the property is suitable for you (for example pitfalls of buying a listed property). All surveys are undertaken by the Company Director, who is experience on the construction side of surveying. Beyond this our service includes:

  • Single point of contact.
  • Out of hours contact.
  • Fast response.
  • Immediate verbal advice is available over the phone and the report usually following within 5 working days.
  • Use of specialist tools. We extensively use a moisture meter, boroscope and advanced photographic equipment to record the condition of every property.
  • Post report support. We advise all of our clients to call us after the report has been issued to discuss any individual questions further.

We also offer at an additional cost:

  • Meet and greet service (£30). We will happily meet purchasers at the property to discuss the issues as they are discovered.
  • Advanced costing service. If our survey identifies extensive failings we have an option for costing said defects, this is £60 per hour (capped on an individual basis) and can be used to negotiate the cost of the property). An example of this can be found below.
  • Advanced access package (£150). The standard survey is undertaken off a 3m ladder. Our advanced access package uses a 4.4m ladder and an 8m telescopic inspection pole inspection to identify additional defects which any other survey would miss (without the use of a mobile platform).

Other companies offer homebuyer surveys generically written from tick box software, we dictate every report at the property for a more accurate and ultimately usable document.


Below is a link for one of our RICS Building Survey and an example of our costing service. 

BuildingSurveyExample.pdf BuildingSurveyExample.pdf
Size : 3308.198 Kb
Type : pdf
Costs Sheet Example.pdf Costs Sheet Example.pdf
Size : 645.31 Kb
Type : pdf

contact david willis directly on 07449866267 or david@spotlightsurveys.co.uk

Spotlight Surveys is regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

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